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ونحن نرحب ترحيبا حارا لكم في الاتصال بنا من خلال الخطوط الساخنة وغيرها من وسائل الاتصال الفورية.

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Is this Guatemalan Colossal Stone Head an Easter Island Refugee?

 · One of those indecipherable mysteries is the story of the Olmec Colossal Heads. The Olmec peoples, who got their start in southwest Mexico in about 1500 BCE, were the first builders of the Americas. They were the pioneers of monumental construction, their culture gave rise to stone temples, pyramids, altars, statues, and they were the first to ...

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Mayan Teardrops in Dark Green. Green Jade and 925 Silver Teardrop Earrings from Guatemala. Handcrafted of sterling silver, these dangle earrings from Guatemala feature teardrop stones of natural, dark green jade. Zandra Lorena Sajbin designs the earrings with inspiration from Mayan jewelry. (551)

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Ancient Unknown Giant Stone Head Of Guatemala

Unknown Giant Ancient Head Discovered in Guatemala?Ancient History Mysteries? No one knows where it is loedconsidering many humans claim they have seen it...

Casa Maya Stone Cottage Kitchen at Lake Atitlán

This stone cottage is set in a lush, tropical garden with Volcán San Pedro rising up directly across the lake. ... Santiago Atitlán, Sololá Department, Guatemala. This cottage is part of a small, private community in which permanent residents live. We .

Beaten And Burned By Mob In Guatemala On Video

A mob in a rural community in Guatemala lynched a 16yearold – accused, along with two men, of killing a taxi for more videos: ...

Guatemalan Stone Head

By James Donahue. It was sometime around 1950 that a landowner in the jungles of Guatemala discovered a gigantic carved stone head on his property and took a picture of it. The photograph eventually found its way to the office of Dr. Oscar Rafael Padilla Lara, a philosopher and lawyer, who published it with a short article in a newsletter that ...


 · Here we provide new evidence for the identifiion of rounded stones as weapons based on their morphology as well as their context of recovery. We employ data from the sites of Macabilero, Guatemala, and Budsilha, Mexico, which strongly suggest rounded stones at these sites were manufactured to be used as weapons.

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Siquinalá. Siquinalá is a municipality in the Escuintla department of Guatemala. The population is approximately 23,000. The municipality is 81 km from Guatemala City, situated between the municipalities of Escuintla, Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa, and La Democracia, linked to Siquinalá by road, which continues to the sea at Sipae, in the ...

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 · The conditions for the quarrying activities in the Retalhuleu department in Guatemala have been created by the active Santiaguito volcano, which expels volcanic material into the Samalá River. Around 200 families, according to Victor Hernández (CEIPA), 1 extract and process stones, gravel and sand alongside the Samalá River.

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Ancient Maya Obsidian Exchange and Chipped Stone Production at Caobal, Guatemala (K. Aoyama and J. Munson, 2012) uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. By using our site, you agree to our collection of ...


majority of Guatemalan families depend on biomass as their primary source of fuel. A survey from 1985 estimated that 72% of Guatemalan s use wood fires for cooking, heating, and lighting their homes (Caceres and Caceres 1987). Of these, 83% were homes with traditional threestone fires, which

Setting the truth in stone: Guatemala's monuments to the dead.

1. Med Confl Surviv. 2003 AprJun;19(2):14857. Setting the truth in stone: Guatemala's monuments to the dead. Gidley R(1), Roberts H. Author information: (1)Guatemala Solidarity Network, London SE13 7HJ. gsn_mail Six years after the end of a protracted internal conflict in Guatemala, many individuals and communities are still working to overcome the .

Is the Guatemalan Colossal Stone Head an Easter Island Refugee?

 · There is much we don't know about who they were, but what we do know is pretty cool. The Colossal heads are a collection of some 17 huge carvedstone (basalt) heads found throughout the jungles of central Guatemala. All known examples depict the same basic features: male faces with fleshy cheeks, flat noses, and slightly crossed eyes.

Is the Stone Head from Guatemala Proof of an Ancient

 · In order to understand the uniqueness of the head, one must look towards the region where the stone head was reported to have been found – La Democracia, a site already renowned for stone heads looking skyward. Their history is known however: built by the Olmec civilization, which thrived between 1400 and 400 BC, the stone heads sitting near ...

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Shopping UNICEF Market's Jade Guatemalan Jewelry Collection helps UNICEF save and protect the world's most vulnerable children. Build a better world! ... Round Jade SingleStone Ring in Dark... Love Dream. HeartShaped Dark Green Jade Cocktail Ring from Guatemala. (Zandra Lorena Sajbin)

Jade: New Crown Jewel for Crime Groups in Guatemala

 · Reports of jade smuggling in Guatemala are few, but the amount seized in Morales indies that authorities took down a major operation. On top of mining the jade, the smuggling of the stone out of the country required about 400,000 quetzales, or some 52,000, in bribes per month to each of his four alleged associates.

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