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Civil Engg, DIET. GTU Syllabus: TE_. Contents. No. of Lecture. Sir. 01. ... Dry lean concrete as per IRC49, ... SILICA FUMES : Silica fume conforming to a standard approved by the Engineer may be used as an admixture in the .

Investigations on Micro Silica (Silica Fume) as Partial .

Fresh concrete containing silica fume is more cohesive and less prone to segregation than concrete without silica fume. Experience has shown that it is necessary to increase the initial slump of concrete with silica fume by approximately 50mm above thanrequired for conventional CEM I concrete to maintain the same apparent workability.

Effect of Silica Fume on Concrete Properties and Advantages

Silica fume will protect concrete against deicing salts, seawater, and road traffic and freeze/thaw cycles. Rebar corro sion activity and concrete deterioration are virtually eliminat ed, which minimizes maintenance expense. • Highstrength concrete enhanced with silica fume; provides architects and engineers with greater design flexibility.

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 · Civil Insta is designed for Civil Engineering Professionals and Students around the mission is to edue and keep people informed by creating a trusted source of knowledge in Civil Engineering ... SILICA FUMES CONCRETE Silica Fume Concrete. Silica fume concrete is composed of cement, silica fume, fine aggregate, coarse ...

Effect of Silica Fume in Concrete

the mixture proportion of conventional concrete (without silica fume) upon the incorporation of silica fume. This is done to overcome the adverse effect of silica fume on fresh mixture workability. Dual and Kadri (8) concluded that at 10% replacement of cement by silica fume, the workability increased in the range of % even after

Predicting Density and Compressive Strength of Concrete Cement .

concrete cement paste, the ANN model is used to predict density and compressive strength parameters. The density and compressive strength of concrete cement paste are a ected by several parameters, viz, watercementitious materials ratio, silica fume unit contents, percentage of superplasticizer, curing, cement type, etc.

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As the first of its kind, this book presents a balanced view of the effect of condensed silica fume on the physical, chemical, mechanical, and durability aspects with respect to cement paste, mortar, and concrete. It discusses the nature and types of condensed silica fume, physical characteristics, product variation and problems involved in its handling and transportation.

Silica fume for concrete – Opinion in Civil Engineering

05/04/2019 · Civil, concrete, structure, prestressed, steel . Silica fume for concrete. silica fume is a byproduct produced by electric arc furnace used in elemental silicon or alloy containing silicon industry. the condensing of gases escaping from electric arc furnace produce silica fume. the color of silica fume ranges from light to dark grey. the main component of silica fume is .

Effect of cement replacement by Silica fume and fly ash

pozzolanic reaction of fly ash. Silica fume is a byproduct of silicon or FerroSilica industry and is 100 times finer than cement. It consists of amorphous silica nd has high reactivity towards lime. The replacement level of silica fume is generally low at about 10%. When SF is used in concrete mix, its introduction affects the

Influence of Silica Fume Incorporation on the Fresh, Thermal and ...

 · Influence of Silica Fume Incorporation on the Fresh, Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) ed Concrete ... ed Concrete. American Journal of Civil Engineering. Vol. 5, No. 3, 2017, pp. 188195. doi: /

Rice husk ash chemical composition

Rice husk ash contains silica as 86%97% dry weight [6]. In terms of chemical composition data, husk ash contains some important chemical elements such as can be seen in Table 2 below. Tabel . 2: Chemical composition of rice husk ash [4] Komponen % Berat SiO 2 86,90 97,30 2 O 0,58 2,50 Na2O 0,00 1,75 CaO 0,20 1,50 Paper ID.

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Effect of Silica Fume on Permeability and Microstructure of High ...

The SEM image of binary blended high strength concrete (HSC) with Silica fume shows the condensed packing of cement hydration product and a dense microstructure as compare to control mix. The water permeability test result reveals that there is about 87 percent reduction in the coefficient of permeability achieved by inclusion of 10% Silica ...

(PDF) Effect of Silica Fume in Concrete

01/04/2007 · Civil and Structural En gineering, Volume 2, N o 1, 2011, pp. 4355. 13. ... Performance of silica fume concrete specimens was compared to specimens made with CEMI ( N). Compressive, flexural ...


08/11/2014 · SEMINAR ON "SILICA FUME AS AN ADMIXTURE IN CONCRETE" BY RAHIM 1 What is Silica Fume? • Silica Fume is an artificial pozzolona having high pozzolonic activity • It. Log in Upload File. Most Popular; Study; Business; Design; Technology; Travel; Explore all egories; silica fume concrete. Home; Documents; SILICA FUME CONCRETE; prev. next. .

Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC) PPT

07/03/2014 · Composition of Reactive Powder Concrete RPC is composed of very fine powders (cement, sand, quartz powder and silica fume), steel fibres (optional) and superplasticizer. The superplasticizer, used at its optimal dosage, decreases the water to cement ratio (w/c) while improving the workability of the concrete.

Make your High Strength Concrete with Silica Fume new

 · Its new age, we are now demanding high strength and durable concrete, we have metro trains, high dams, Bridges with heavy loads and many structures that required to be of high Strength. So in demand, we need a material which much satisfy the Demand of increased properties. Therefore, Silica Fume come in action.


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Department of Civil Engineering, SRM University, Kattankulathur Chennai, Tamil Nadu603203, +91 996 294 8985 bavikdutta0801, +91 979 101 9506 Abstract The concrete currently used in the construction industry generally consists of at least cement, water and aggregates (fine or coarse).

Study of Partial Replacement of Cement by Silica Fume

01/07/2016 · Gouda M Ghanim. View. Show abstract. ... This paper studies of M35 concrete mix with silica fume as a partial replacement of 0, 5,9,12 and 15% by cement weight. The values shows usage of silica ...

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Civil Engineering Seminars Powerpoint Presentations and Detailed Seminar Reports. If you are unable to download any of the topics mentioned below, ... Wednesday, April 24, 2013. SILICA FUME SILICA FUME CONCRETE. Posted by Dr. Sujay Raghavendra N at 1:39 AM. 2 comments:

Beneficial Use of NanoSilica in Concrete: A Review

Nanosilica and its use in cementbased materials, especially concrete, has been the focus of many scientific studies. This is because cement production is an energyintensive process and because concrete is the most used construction material worldwide. Accordingly, it is very important to understand the complexity of concrete, improve its ...